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These photo albums were done with the Web Album Generator because it's *tedious* otherwise. I really do recommend it (and the Orange Alarm Clock!)
Halloween 2003 Decorations: Prop making and assembling of a small diorama on the porch.
Halloween 2003 People and Pumpkin: One pumpkin, one party and the costumes and persons therein.
Views of my First Apartment: When I moved here in 2004, I was super-excited. I've moved twice since, but the first apartment is always special.
2005 Road Trip - The Trip.
2005 Road Trip - Zion National Park.
2005 Road Trip - Arches National Park.
2005 Road Trip - Northern Utah and Arizona.
More Recent Photos can be found on My Picasa Page. (More vacation photos coming eventually - tagging takes time.)

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